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At, we don't believe that advertising your home or buying property for sale should be difficult or expensive.   

Traditionally, home sellers have two options: conduct a "for-sale-by-owner" sale, or sign a contract with a listing agent to market and sell a home. Because most home buyers work with buyers' real estate agents, who have no incentive to show their clients for-sale-by-owner properties, going it alone is tough. On the other hand, using a listing agent who works with and markets homes to a buyer's agent is expensive, costing typically 5-6% of the sales price of the home. is promoting a "hybrid" approach as an alternative to the traditional for-sale-by-owner sales method, which allows the seller to pay only a 2-3% commission to the buyer's agent and removes the seller's agent from the picture. This approach gives the buyer's agent incentive to show a home, but saves the home seller expensive listing agent commissions. 

With the seller and buyer/agent can have direct contact with each other without the middleman.

Our private home listings are easily accessible and easily viewed by prospects worldwide. There are no hassles and the direct negotiating process is beneficial to both seller and buyer/agent.  

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